Development of Airbus’ air taxi could accelerate

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The European maker has disclosed who will be supplying the electrical power system and cockpit design for their eVTOL prototype. Eaton and Crouzet were awarded the contracts for these two key parts, which should speed up the development of the CityAirbus NextGen vehicle.

Airbus launches drone production

  • Reading Time:3Minutes

It can’t fight, but it can spy and communicate: this is Airbus’ Zephyr drone, which experts say has capabilities that rival satellites. Airbus’ Zephyr, a solar-powered drone, is flying the nest as the pan-European aerospace company outsources its business to facilitate its commercialisation by bringing in partners, the Financial Times reports.

What growth can we expect in the Evtol market in the coming years ?

  • Reading Time:3Minutes

With companies like Boeing and Airbus investing heavily in the technology, and cities around the world looking for new solutions to reduce congestion and air pollution, the potential for Evtols to revolutionize transportation is clear. But what can we expect from the Evtol market in the coming years ?

An Airbus aircraft will be equipped with a fuel cell engine and undergo testing within a few years

  • Reading Time:2Minutes

Airbus has revealed a hydrogen-powered engine that could potentially be used in the creation of zero-emission planes with the capacity to carry over 100 passengers after 2035.

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