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Rockets, ion engines and other interesting solutions in the field of aviation

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NASA’s new passenger craft will make ocean crossings shorter than the time it takes to watch a movie

Imagine soaring from New York to London in less time than it takes to finish an average movie. NASA's recent groundbreaking venture is aimed at revolutionizing transatlantic travel. They've embarked on the creation of a supersonic passenger jet that boasts a blistering top speed of Mach 4 (approximately 4,900 km/h)........... READ MORE

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Navigating the Skies: Korea’s PIBOT Set to Outdo Human Pilots

The PIBOT project under the auspices of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology) has stirred global attention, as it promises a humanoid machine capable of handling intricate aviation tasks. These human-like robots might be the co-pilots of our future........... READ MORE

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China’s JF-22 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel: The Future of Hypersonic Innovation

China's push for hypersonic advancement reaches a new peak with the unveiling of the JF-22, an impressive hypersonic wind tunnel. The mere existence of this colossal structure underscores China's anticipation of a future dominated by hypersonic devices, poised for both civil and military applications........... READ MORE

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The Dawn of AI Air Travel: Airbus and its Vision for Autonomy

Airbus, a leading global player in the aerospace sector, has launched a revolutionary step in airplane automation. The company’s experimentation with an Airbus A350-1000 aircraft has produced a system that doesn’t merely control the plane, but communicates in human speech with air traffic controllers. The project, termed DragonFly, has propelled.......... READ MORE

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