An Australian drone can plant 40,000 trees in a day

The drone, developed by AirSeed Technology, uses artificial intelligence to spray seeds from the air. Deforestation is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time, affecting the Earth’s ecosystem in many ways. The loss of habitat for various animal and plant species threatens the survival of tens of thousands of species, while the disappearance of trees that sequester carbon dioxide also has a negative impact on halting climate change.

The silent spy drone designed for the Pentagon is ready

Whisper Aero aims to eliminate one of the most disturbing features of drones, the noise of electric propulsion. Whisper Aero is a company specialising in building specifically quiet unmanned vehicles, with the aim of creating quiet drones that will be tolerable to city dwellers even if larger devices will be more numerous in the airspace after the advent of air taxis.

Hydraulic drone that will have a much longer range than its electric counterpart

A rival to battery-powered electric drones is the Flowcopter, which, powered by a Danfoss-developed hydraulic pump, the Digital Displacement Pump, will be able to carry its cargo over much greater distances than conventional drones, or so the vehicle’s manufacturer promises.

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