Volocopter’s two hundred kilogram capacity transport drone unveiled (full article)

The electric Volodrone will serve in places where traditional forms of transport are limited, according to the company. In May, Volocopter unveiled its second drone for passenger transport, the Voloconnect, which, unlike the previous Volocity, is not only capable of intra-city trips but also of much longer distances of up to hundreds of kilometres, and the company is also offering air taxi services and freight/cargo transport with the Volodrone eVTOL.

Volocopter’s heavy-duty drone

It is not a toy, a surveillance or information-gathering device, nor is it a military-industrial development: it is a serious working machine. At this year’s World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS World Congress) in Hamburg, the German-developed Volodrone was unveiled to the public at the Port of Hamburg.

Four-rotor special drone

Researchers at the University of Zurich have built an autonomous flying device that is sure to change the way we think about drones. An autonomous drone from researchers at the University of Zurich zips through the trees of a forest at high speeds with the ease of a large dragonfly dodging reeds.

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