The first truly impact-resistant drone

After four years in development, Flyability has unveiled the Elios-3 drone, which is capable of autonomous flight and features some of the most advanced 3D scanning technology on the market, thanks to its artificial intelligence, on-board LIDAR system, 4K resolution camera, thermal camera, remote sensors and built-in Nvidia video card.

Maple fruit inspired a drone that spins on its own axis

The prototype drone proved to be extremely energy-efficient: it spent more than 24 minutes in the air on a single charge. The maple fruit is a favourite of many children, and when thrown into the air it spins downwards for a long time, but no one had any idea what a great drone could be made from its construction.

An Australian drone can plant 40,000 trees in a day

The drone, developed by AirSeed Technology, uses artificial intelligence to spray seeds from the air. Deforestation is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time, affecting the Earth’s ecosystem in many ways. The loss of habitat for various animal and plant species threatens the survival of tens of thousands of species, while the disappearance of trees that sequester carbon dioxide also has a negative impact on halting climate change.

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