The Horizon of Aviation: Airbus’ Vision for 2035 and Beyond

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The sky of the future holds a fresh vision of Airbus. A gleaming, brand-new incarnation of the European aircraft manufacturing giant’s A320neo family is anticipated to make its debut sometime between 2035 and 2040. Ambitious targets set the prospective fuel consumption at 20-25% less than current levels, but numerous obstacles remain. Central to these is the necessity of fine-tuning the Open Fan technology, a cutting-edge engine design developed by CFM.

The Rising Cost of Greener Aviation

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The British airline industry is looking to a greener future as it anticipates higher ticket prices as a result of decarbonising flights, according to the BBC’s science column. This is in line with similar views from the UK airline industry, which predicts that efforts to reduce carbon emissions are likely to lead to a rise in fares and could discourage some people from flying.