Rolls-Royce’s microreactor is a new dimension in propulsion

Rolls-Royce, known not only for its wonder cars, is also an engineering design company for which space is the ultimate frontier – in this case, literally. As Interesting Engineering reports, the company has teamed up with the UK Space Agency to develop a new type of reactor specifically for deep space exploration. Nuclear engines have long been expected to speed up space travel and reduce transit times, which will be particularly important for missions to Mars.

NASA’s new engine in action

NASA’s new type of rocket engine, the Rotary Detonation Rocket Engine (RDRE), once considered impossible, could revolutionize space exploration. NASA engineers at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, in partnership with IN Space LLC, have made a significant advancement in rocket engine technology that could transform the way we explore deep space, according to NASA.

ZeroAvia’s Dornier with hydrogen-electric propulsion system flies for the first time

The ZeroAvia Dornier 228, a partially converted hydrogen-electric powered aircraft, has successfully completed its first flight from Cotswold Airport in the UK. This aircraft, which can hold 19 passengers, is the largest test aircraft to ever use a zero-emission power source.

What developments have been made in the field of electric motors ?

The increasing demand for energy efficiency and the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles have also driven the development of electric motor technology in recent years. The motors used in these applications must be able to deliver high power and torque while also being lightweight and compact. As a result, there has been a focus on developing high-performance electric motors that can meet these demanding requirements.

The first supersonic aircraft engine to run on sustainable fuel

Boom Supersonic’s Overture aims to revolutionize supersonic passenger travel with its new engine. The Overture aircraft, which was introduced a few years ago, aims to bring back supersonic travel similar to that of the Concorde, cutting the London to New York flight time to approximately three hours.

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