The Czech flying engine could be available for purchase in 2028

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Imagine a sunny day with clear skies. You step into your garage, where your Airwolf—a flying motorcycle from Czech company UDX Aero—awaits. As you think about the exhilarating experience of flying, a smile forms on your face. You settle into the seat, buckle up, and with a press of the accelerator, you are airborne. This dream could become a reality as early as 2028.

Flying cars arrive in Minnesota ? With Samson Sky it is possible

Samson Sky Switchblade
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The Samson Sky Switchblade Flying Sports Car, alongside a select group of innovative flying car designers worldwide, recently celebrated a significant milestone. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed a groundbreaking bipartisan transportation bill that includes provisions for roadable aircraft. These vehicles, defined as airplanes that can be driven to and from airports or private landing strips, now have a clear path to state registration and use on public roads and highways in Minnesota.

The Xpeng AeroHT flying car will soon be available in China

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Xpeng AeroHT, a subsidiary of Xpeng Corporation, is set to revolutionize transportation with the launch of its flying car, targeting delivery to customers by 2026. Brian Gu, co-president of Xpeng, shared these exciting developments in a recent interview with CNBC. The company has been diligently working towards this ambitious goal and is currently navigating the certification process with Chinese aviation authorities.

Navigating the Legal and Insurance Landscape for Flying Cars

flying car
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The dawn of the flying car ushered in a new era of transport. But with the excitement comes the pressing questions of legal liability and insurance in the event of accidents or damage.

A well-known man was the first passenger in the Slovak flying car

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The first passenger in the car – which takes around three minutes to turn into a plane – was Jean-Michel Jarre. The AirCar, a flying car developed in Slovakia, has reached another major milestone. For the first time, it took off with a passenger – and it was Jean-Michel Jarre, the French electronic music great.

What will it be like to speed on the highways of the sky ?

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Imagine zipping above city traffic, seamlessly transitioning from driving to flying, reminiscent of scenes from sci-fi classics like “The Fifth Element” or “Blade Runner.” While today’s reality of flying cars might not fully align with these cinematic dreams, significant strides are being made in the realm of electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, which promise a new frontier in urban air mobility.