French startup to launch hydrogen-powered flying race car

The French company Maca Flight promises series production of the aircraft with artificial intelligence by 2023. All the signs are that we are getting closer and closer to the age of flying cars, with one company after another emerging to bring this characteristic element of science fiction closer to reality.

Why don’t we use flying cars ?

The Airphibian in 1947

Although the idea of marrying the two modes of transport was first mooted at the dawn of car and plane manufacturing, more than 100 years of development and experimentation have not brought success. We show you what kind of flying car you could buy today if you wanted to, and find out whether we could use one at home.

Flying licence for the Slovak flying car

The Slovakian-built experimental vehicle AirCar has obtained the necessary certification to fly. The amphibious vehicle, powered by a petrol-powered BMW engine, can reach speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour and a flight altitude of over 2,500 metres, reports the BBC. Before take-off, the vehicle switches to flight mode, which lasts 2 minutes 15 seconds.

Swedish model: full production capacity of the first commercially available flying car by 2022

All production capacity has been filled and Jetson Aero will only take delivery in 2023. Most of the customers for the first model were from California, but there were also Italian and Spanish customers. The Jetson ONE is priced at $92,000.

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