The prototype of the 22-rotor air taxi, which existed only on paper last year, has taken to the air

Pantuo Aviation recently launched a half-size demonstrator of its air taxi, with plans to have the full-size version flying by 2027. Last year, the Chinese eVTOL developer Pantuo Aviation unveiled its Pantala Concept II, then only a concept.

The first air taxi airport opens in Britain

The air taxis are still in testing and do not carry passengers, but a vertiport has already been prepared for them. The UK’s Urban-Air Port has opened its first Air One vertiport in Coventry, providing landing space for air taxis and eVTOLs, as well as a transfer facility for future passengers. The vertiport functions as a transport hub, meaning that electric aircraft can charge their batteries at this location in addition to picking up passengers and cargo, but the charging points provided can also be used by passing electric cars.

Testing Volocopter’s eVTOL

VoloCity takes passengers around the city, first in Paris and then around the world. Volocopter’s eVTOL for passenger transport, VoloCity, is one of the company’s aircraft being developed to reform air transport, alongside the VoloDrone for parcel transport, the VoloConnect for longer distances and the VoloIQ, the infrastructure underpinning the VoloCity, which will serve as the system’s brain.

World’s first electric air taxis to be launched in Japan

The startup Joby Aviation has teamed up with Japan’s largest airline to create an air transport service – with Toyota among its partners. Joby’s vision for the future of urban transport was first seen in 2015, when the company unveiled an electric plane designed to take off and land vertically by tilting its engines, enabling it to fly at an astonishing 330 km/h.

Hybrid-powered air taxi presented by Czech engineers

The Czech startup Zuri, which develops eVTOLs, started the first tests of its long-range cruise aircraft last year, which were all successful. The ambitious company has unveiled its second-generation design, which features a completely different, much more modern drive system than previous prototypes.

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