Air taxis are being tested in New York

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But the eVTOL market is only just starting to really take off, with a working prototype delivered to CES in January by a company called Aska. And now Electrek reports that an air taxi jointly developed by Blade Air Mobility and BETA Technologies has been successfully tested and is undergoing trials in New York.

What impact will the development and introduction of air taxis have on the workforce and the labour market ?

  • Reading Time:3Minutes

The introduction of air taxis, also known as electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, could revolutionise the way we travel. However, the development and deployment of this technology also raises important questions about its impact on the workforce and the labour market.

AirNova plans to build vertiports in France for air taxis and ground transportation

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AirNova, a French start-up, has a vision of creating a network of vertiports across France to increase the accessibility and popularity of air taxis. The company, based in Bordeaux, recently sought out investors with the goal of raising approximately €3.5 million in the first round of funding, with the company’s founder contributing €500 million.

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