Pioneering the Skies with Zero-Emission Aircrafts

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ZeroAvia, a trailblazer in the aerospace industry, is currently working on a groundbreaking hydrogen-electric propulsion system, poised to revolutionize air travel by powering the world’s largest zero-emission passenger aircraft. In a remarkable test flight conducted in January, ZeroAvia showcased the potential of hydrogen as a viable energy source for passenger transport. During this trial, a retrofitted Dornier 228 aircraft took to the skies above the company’s Gloucestershire headquarters for a ten-minute demonstration.

The first hydrogen-powered flights are launched

The first hydrogen-powered aircraft
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The hydrogen-powered aircraft, with no emissions, are expected to commence flying to European locations from airports near Rotterdam and The Hague as early as 2024. The flights will be operated in collaboration with aircraft maker ZeroAvia, Shell, and the airports of Rotterdam The Hague and Rotterdam The Hague Innovation.

ZeroAvia’s Dornier with hydrogen-electric propulsion system flies for the first time

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The ZeroAvia Dornier 228, a partially converted hydrogen-electric powered aircraft, has successfully completed its first flight from Cotswold Airport in the UK. This aircraft, which can hold 19 passengers, is the largest test aircraft to ever use a zero-emission power source.