EHang Announced Strategic Partnership with Agricultural Bank of China Guangzhou Branch with Indicative Facilities of RMB1 Billion for Long-Term Cooperation

EHang Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: EH) (“EHang” or the “Company”), the world’s leading autonomous aerial vehicle (“AAV”) technology platform company, today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with the Guangzhou Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, one of the world’s 10 largest commercial banks (“ABC Guangzhou Branch”).

The prototype of the 22-rotor air taxi, which existed only on paper last year, has taken to the air

Pantuo Aviation recently launched a half-size demonstrator of its air taxi, with plans to have the full-size version flying by 2027. Last year, the Chinese eVTOL developer Pantuo Aviation unveiled its Pantala Concept II, then only a concept.

Testing Volocopter’s eVTOL

VoloCity takes passengers around the city, first in Paris and then around the world. Volocopter’s eVTOL for passenger transport, VoloCity, is one of the company’s aircraft being developed to reform air transport, alongside the VoloDrone for parcel transport, the VoloConnect for longer distances and the VoloIQ, the infrastructure underpinning the VoloCity, which will serve as the system’s brain.

FedEx puts drones to work

The logistics giant is starting a pilot project with a startup to test autonomous air parcel delivery. Just announced, but not expected to start until sometime next year, FedEx is partnering with aircraft manufacturer Elroy Air to explore how unmanned drones can help improve logistics processes.

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