Cities of the future, where air taxis and drones populate the skies

Vertiports are set to open soon in some cities, despite the fact that eVTOL air taxis and drone parcel services are just starting to develop. Several companies are working on the development of eVTOLs, which are electric vehicles capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

Finnish engineers have created a small robot that can fly

Engineers at the University of Tampere in Finland have created a flying robot that can be powered by light and wind. Engineers at the University of Tampere in Finland have succeeded in creating a robot that is unique in more ways than one. They have created a 4-millimetre machine that can take off and fly using solar energy and a gentle breeze.

The world’s largest unmanned electric cargo plane

The Pelican Cargo aircraft from Pyko could make freight transport easier, with a range of up to 321 kilometres on a single charge, and the manufacturer promises it will be faster and cheaper than traditional ground and air transport.

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