Testing of perhaps the most promising air taxi begins

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For some of us, the very idea of an air taxi evokes scenes straight out of science fiction. But in our quest to conquer gravity and reimagine transportation, Archer Aviation has been painstakingly crafting its eVTOL air taxi, “Midnight”. In a major leap toward that vision, the California-based pioneer has prepared its first working model of the air taxi, marking a significant milestone since it unveiled the design last November.

Navigating the Future: Autonomous Helicopters Soar High

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Unmanned helicopters are no longer a concept in some futuristic Sci-Fi novel. They’re here, revolutionizing the way we conduct dangerous missions, especially those demanding autonomous, discreet, and seafaring operations. Remember the cinematic marvel of witnessing Skyryse, the world’s first fully autonomous helicopter, command the sky in 2019? That glorious image of an unmanned chopper making an extended flight and taking passengers onboard a modified Robinson R-44 marked the dawn of a new age in aviation technology.

Embracing the Future: Seoul’s Leap into Urban Air Mobility

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In an audacious move to revolutionize its transport system, Seoul – the bustling South Korean capital, is gearing up to test the viability of urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles, effectively bringing the concept of flying cars closer to reality. This test flight, slated for next year, is a stepping stone in the city’s broader ambition to roll out such air transport services by 2025, according to official city statements.

Toyota takes to the skies: we form an alliance

Joby Aviation
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In an exhilarating display of innovation and enterprise, automotive giant Toyota and California’s Joby Aviation are embarking on a groundbreaking venture that boldly propels us into the future. Striving to materialize the fantastical realm of science fiction into reality, these two powerhouses are teaming up to sculpt the blueprint for the next generation of transportation—flying cars.

Toyota Takes to the Skies: Investing in Revolutionary Drone Technology

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As the automotive industry undergoes rapid evolution, Toyota, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, has thrown its weight behind Japan’s Prodrone, a trailblazing company working on cargo-carrying drones capable of transporting loads up to 50kg over distances spanning 50km.

The End of an Era: How EU Emission Standards Impact Budget Air Travel

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The European Union’s stringent new emissions standards spell the end of the golden age of low-cost flights, as airlines grapple with the increased costs associated with purchasing emissions quotas. This additional burden is expected to be passed on to consumers, effectively raising ticket prices and making air travel less affordable, as reported by the international news agency V4NA.