Embracing the Future: Seoul’s Leap into Urban Air Mobility

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In an audacious move to revolutionize its transport system, Seoul – the bustling South Korean capital, is gearing up to test the viability of urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles, effectively bringing the concept of flying cars closer to reality. This test flight, slated for next year, is a stepping stone in the city’s broader ambition to roll out such air transport services by 2025, according to official city statements.

In Seoul, it will also be possible to charge drones from smart poles

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The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has so far placed the undoubtedly unique smart poles in a total of six districts: which function it was given was decided by the needs of the current district. At the same time, the South Korean capital would not stop there, testing devices capable of charging drones, electric cars, and detecting parking violations, among other things.