Vertiports and eVTOLs

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The strategic alliance between Fraport, a leading global airport operator, and Lilium, an innovative electric air-taxi company, marks a significant step towards revolutionizing regional air mobility. This partnership focuses on developing a commercial network for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, starting with a thorough analysis of the necessary planning and approval steps for implementing such operations at airports.

Boosting Agriculture: A Drone Revolution Awaits in Budapest

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The stage is set in Hungary, as it stands on the brink of an exciting transformation in agriculture, through the advent of drone crop protection. With licensed agents as the only remaining requirement, this shift could usher in a new era of aerial crop protection in the European Union, beginning in Budapest.

The End of an Era: How EU Emission Standards Impact Budget Air Travel

  • Reading Time:2Minutes

The European Union’s stringent new emissions standards spell the end of the golden age of low-cost flights, as airlines grapple with the increased costs associated with purchasing emissions quotas. This additional burden is expected to be passed on to consumers, effectively raising ticket prices and making air travel less affordable, as reported by the international news agency V4NA.