Cities of the future, where air taxis and drones populate the skies

Vertiports are set to open soon in some cities, despite the fact that eVTOL air taxis and drone parcel services are just starting to develop. Several companies are working on the development of eVTOLs, which are electric vehicles capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

Development of Airbus’ air taxi could accelerate

The European maker has disclosed who will be supplying the electrical power system and cockpit design for their eVTOL prototype. Eaton and Crouzet were awarded the contracts for these two key parts, which should speed up the development of the CityAirbus NextGen vehicle.

What impact will the development and introduction of air taxis have on the workforce and the labour market ?

The introduction of air taxis, also known as electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, could revolutionise the way we travel. However, the development and deployment of this technology also raises important questions about its impact on the workforce and the labour market.

Stellantis joins forces with air taxi developer Archer

The goal is to have the Midnight, a local take-off and landing vehicle designed for use in urban transportation, ready for production by 2024. Stellantis and Archer Aviation are partnering to bring the Midnight to market and potentially launch the new taxi service in New York in 2025.

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