The End of an Era: How EU Emission Standards Impact Budget Air Travel

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The European Union’s stringent new emissions standards spell the end of the golden age of low-cost flights, as airlines grapple with the increased costs associated with purchasing emissions quotas. This additional burden is expected to be passed on to consumers, effectively raising ticket prices and making air travel less affordable, as reported by the international news agency V4NA.

The first supersonic aircraft engine to run on sustainable fuel

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Boom Supersonic’s Overture aims to revolutionize supersonic passenger travel with its new engine. The Overture aircraft, which was introduced a few years ago, aims to bring back supersonic travel similar to that of the Concorde, cutting the London to New York flight time to approximately three hours.

First commercial aircraft to fly on fully sustainable fuel

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The United Airlines aircraft is the first in history to use 100 per cent sustainable fuel on a commercial flight – estimated to have emitted 75 per cent less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than kerosene.

A Boeing 747 flies with sustainable fuel

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Technical support was provided by Boeing and fuel by World Energy. Transport is one the drivers of greenhouse gas emissions, and it is no coincidence that this is an area where a lot of effort is being put into finding greener and more sustainable alternatives to existing solutions.