Which countries could be leaders in the production of Evtol and Vtol aircraft in the next few years ?

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The demand for more efficient and sustainable transportation options has led to an increased interest in electric vertical takeoff and landing (Evtol) and vertical takeoff and landing (Vtol) aircraft. These aircraft have the potential to revolutionize the way we commute, deliver goods, and respond to emergencies. As the technology continues to improve and become more affordable, countries around the world are looking to establish themselves as leaders in the production of Evtol and Vtol aircraft. Here are some of the countries that could be at the forefront of this emerging industry in the next few years.

The first flying taxis will soon take off in Dubai

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The Emir of Dubai has announced that in three years’ time, residents and tourists will be able to travel between the four fixed stations in the city by air taxi. The 3.5 million-strong metropolis will initially have pilots driving the eVTOLs, and now it looks like a US company’s solution will be systematised.

How have flying cars and Evtols developed in recent years ?

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One of the main challenges to the development of flying cars has been the ability to create a vehicle that is both safe and practical. Many of the early prototypes were large and cumbersome, and often required significant infrastructure to support them, such as special landing pads or runways.

Minor accident at Joby Aviation

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A minor accident has been reported by the manufacturer, but they do not consider this to be a serious problem. Last year, I reported that an interesting flying car was available for pre-order, but before that, I also wrote about the electric air taxi that is on the way to revolutionise urban transport. A minor accident during testing has now been reported.

World’s first electric air taxis to be launched in Japan

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The startup Joby Aviation has teamed up with Japan’s largest airline to create an air transport service – with Toyota among its partners. Joby’s vision for the future of urban transport was first seen in 2015, when the company unveiled an electric plane designed to take off and land vertically by tilting its engines, enabling it to fly at an astonishing 330 km/h.

Maybe Joby Aviation will also be among the first ?

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While Volocopter, Lilium and many others have been developing their take-off and landing electric planes (eVTOL) in public for years, reporting all the news immediately, Joby Aviation of California has managed to stay almost completely under the radar so far.

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