Minor accident at Joby Aviation

A minor accident has been reported by the manufacturer, but they do not consider this to be a serious problem. Last year, I reported that an interesting flying car was available for pre-order, but before that, I also wrote about the electric air taxi that is on the way to revolutionise urban transport. A minor accident during testing has now been reported.

World’s first electric air taxis to be launched in Japan

The startup Joby Aviation has teamed up with Japan’s largest airline to create an air transport service – with Toyota among its partners. Joby’s vision for the future of urban transport was first seen in 2015, when the company unveiled an electric plane designed to take off and land vertically by tilting its engines, enabling it to fly at an astonishing 330 km/h.

When are flying car taxis coming ?

With regard to the massively loss-making Uber, it has been suggested in the past that they are also working on a revolution in air transport, and at the same time we have read about the appearance of several other rivals. For the first time, members of the press were able to visit such a competitor, which has been working on its own electric air taxi for 11 years.

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