Testing of perhaps the most promising air taxi begins

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For some of us, the very idea of an air taxi evokes scenes straight out of science fiction. But in our quest to conquer gravity and reimagine transportation, Archer Aviation has been painstakingly crafting its eVTOL air taxi, “Midnight”. In a major leap toward that vision, the California-based pioneer has prepared its first working model of the air taxi, marking a significant milestone since it unveiled the design last November.

JPMorgan Analyst Recommends Eve Holding as Top Investment in Emerging eVTOL Market

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The electric flying vehicle market is poised to become a lucrative business, with the potential to grow to a thousand billion dollars by 2040, according to Marcello Motta, an analyst at JPMorgan. Motta suggests now is the time to invest in the most promising company in the industry, and he recommends Eve Holding Inc, a Brazilian subsidiary of Embraer, as a prime target for investors.

First commercial aircraft to fly on fully sustainable fuel

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The United Airlines aircraft is the first in history to use 100 per cent sustainable fuel on a commercial flight – estimated to have emitted 75 per cent less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than kerosene.

United Airlines purchases two hundred electric passenger aircraft

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US-based United Airlines and its regional partner Mesa Airlines have signed a conditional purchase agreement with Heart Aerospace for a total of 200 electric-powered regional aircraft capable of carrying 19 passengers.