DARPA spends $15 million to arm the ekranoplanes

The research arm of the US Department of Defense promises the first prototype by 2027. Most pilots are aware of the phenomenon that when they fly their aircraft close to the ground, they can glide much further than usual. This is because the proximity to the ground breaks the turbulence created by the wings in such a way that it results in reduced friction.

Another aircraft: the air yacht

Dreamed up by Swiss engineers, the AirYacht is not only similar in name but also in function to the Lazzarini Studio’s Air Yacht – it seems that air transport is capturing the imagination of more and more designers who see it as one of the best forms of environmentally friendly travel.

A futuristic, electric rival to the rocket backpack is already in operation

The electric “jetpack”, dubbed SkyPack, is not yet in its final form, but its first prototype has been successfully tested. The Jet Suit from rocket backpack developer Gravity Industries is increasingly popping up to prove its effectiveness in special circumstances, such as during military operations or rescue work.

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