In two years we will be flying with flying engines

The California-based rocket backpack company has been developing the Speeder flying motorcycle for years, originally intended for military use and rescue missions, but now it has announced a recreational version of the vehicle, which the company expects to be available for purchase as early as 2023.

The world’s smallest flying structure

The “winged microchip” is the smallest flying device built by humans and has a wide range of applications. One of the properties of plants is that they cannot move. However, they need to find a way to spread their seeds over as large an area as possible, and evolution has developed many ways of making them fly – just think of the dandelion’s flying hairs or the maple leaf.

First balloon flight to the North Pole in three years

At least that’s what OceanSky Cruises promises, and apparently they already have the vehicle. Founded in 2018, the Swedish company will use its Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) Airlander 10 airships to transport passengers to the northernmost point on Earth, who will also be able to land on the ice for a six-hour free programme, according to Interesting Engineering.

NASA focuses on air mobility developments

The project, which will take several years to complete, will facilitate the introduction of future passenger aircraft and other advanced air mobility solutions. ANRA Technologies can play a leading role in related projects. The company will carry out the related testing and development in the FlyOhio cooperation. This is a programme led by DriveOhio’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) group, involving public, private and academic institutions.

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