Technological advances in air taxis and flying vehicles are needed to transform public transport

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Imagine the scene: you look up from the crowded pavement of your metropolitan home and instead of seeing the occasional plane or helicopter, you see a swift, whispering sound of vehicles darting back and forth across the sky. This is not a scene from a science fiction film, but a vision of a future where air taxis and flying vehicles play an important role in public transport. But what will it take for them to become widespread ?

Embracing the Future: Seoul’s Leap into Urban Air Mobility

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In an audacious move to revolutionize its transport system, Seoul – the bustling South Korean capital, is gearing up to test the viability of urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles, effectively bringing the concept of flying cars closer to reality. This test flight, slated for next year, is a stepping stone in the city’s broader ambition to roll out such air transport services by 2025, according to official city statements.

Mysterious flying vehicles chased the destroyers of the USA

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The special series of events began in July 2019 around the Channel Islands in California. Mysterious drone swarms appeared around several U.S. military ships for several days at a time, followed by the highest degree of investigation. Exactly what happened on these July nights was tried to be tracked down by The War Zone and their own investigation into data requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (mainly logbooks) and the information in the area during that period.