Xpeng wants to mass produce its flying car in 2024

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The founder of the company, Csao Tölinek, expects that mass production of these vehicles could begin as early as 2024, and believes that flying cars will soon become a major mode of transportation, revolutionizing the way people travel.

The European Commission has unveiled a plan to boost the growth of the drone industry within Europe

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Back at the end of November, the European Commission proposed a strategy to define the technical and operational requirements for drones and to promote the growth of the drone market in Europe, with the aim of making the use of drones in emergency services, mapping and surveillance in various industries commonplace in Europe by 2030.

First drop test with an eVTOL lithium-ion battery

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Beta Technologies is reportedly the first company to have conducted a drop test to evaluate the safety of flying with electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and to assess the performance of the battery in the event of a crash.

Here is the Chinese partially flying car

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Chinese flying car company Aeroht is planning to produce a car that can lift off the ground at the touch of a button to avoid traffic jams. The vehicle will have a split, multi-rotor design and will be able to spend 90% of its time on the road like a car, taking off only when needed.