One of the most unusually shaped eVTOLs airborne

ZEVA Aero would break into the air transport market with a saucer-like vehicle to replace cars with single-seater flying capsules. ZEVA Aero’s eVTOL, Zero, is a departure from the usual aeronautical devices: it has a disc, or saucer if you like, design for more dynamic flight, which the manufacturer claims can effectively increase range by reducing drag.

MIT engineers design a hovering saucer moonwalker

Aeronautical engineers at MIT are testing the concept of a lunar rover that floats on the Moon’s surface by harnessing the electrical charge it generates. In the absence of an atmosphere, the surface of the Moon and similar celestial bodies can build up an electric charge through direct exposure to sunlight. On the Moon, the resulting electric field can be strong enough to lift the fine dust on its surface to heights of more than a metre.

SpinLaunch space rocket launcher

According to its inventors, rockets accelerated to several times the speed of sound in a vacuum cylinder can reduce the cost of spaceflight to a fraction of the cost. In recent years, there have been countless ideas on how to make rocket launches more economical, from reusable booster rockets to giant planes carrying space assets to the stratosphere, to futuristic space elevators. SpinLaunch has chosen a different solution, and it looks like their calculations will work.

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