Laser weapon on a US military aircraft

Lockheed Martin has already delivered the completed AHEL laser to the Air Force, which will be tested with the AC-130J Ghostrider. The United States Air Force has long been working to make laser weapons a standard part of aircraft weaponry, and Lockheed Martin has been awarded a five-year contract in July to further develop, test and demonstrate the AHEL (airborne high energy laser) system to help achieve this.

Maybe you can build a warp drive

Travelling faster than the speed of light without using negative energy may be feasible within the framework of Einstein’s laws of physics. The warp drive, which brings a spacecraft travelling through space to its destination by warping the fabric of space-time much faster than conventional methods, first appeared in the Star Trek series and was used to power Federation fleet vehicles, among other things.

Balloons into the stratosphere

Although it would only take passengers up to thirty kilometres, it would also be much cheaper than a real space trip. If the title sounds familiar, it’s not a coincidence, as World View Enterprises is the third company in recent years to solve the problem of high-altitude travel by balloon.

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