The European Commission has unveiled a plan to boost the growth of the drone industry within Europe

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Back at the end of November, the European Commission proposed a strategy to define the technical and operational requirements for drones and to promote the growth of the drone market in Europe, with the aim of making the use of drones in emergency services, mapping and surveillance in various industries commonplace in Europe by 2030.

The strategy includes the creation of a legal framework to allow for civilian delivery services, as well as the emergency delivery of biological samples or medicines. The legislation also aims to encourage the full automation of these operations, as well as the use of piloted aircraft.

In order to fully realize the potential of drone services, the strategy emphasizes the need to develop the artificial intelligence, robotics, semiconductors, EU space services, and mobile telecommunications necessary to make it a reality. This will help the EU build a strong and competitive drone industry, reducing its reliance on drone manufacturers based in other countries.

The strategy also aims to ensure interoperability between civil and defense drone regulation and increase the resilience of drone capabilities and systems. It establishes common EU rules for the training of pilots of remotely piloted and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and supports the development of a European drone technology roadmap and related research and innovation.

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