European air taxi regulation could come in 2023

Air taxis will revolutionise urban transport worldwide. Drone transport could become commonplace in many places in the next decade. The first vehicles will only carry luggage, but from then on there will be no stopping them – we could be travelling in flying taxis by the end of the decade. But how ready are different countries and regions to launch this service?

Regulation of special operations with drones in Europe

The EU’s declared aim with the introduction of the new regulation was to create a single market in the drone sector, making it easier to provide services abroad. Article 13 of the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 created the legal possibility for this in principle, the essence of which is that the licence obtained must be notified to the competent foreign authority of the place of the planned operation.

U-Space concept in Europe

Following the adoption by the European Commission in April 2021 of the so-called U-Space package – three regulations that together create the conditions for the safe operation of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles in what is known as U-Space – the possibility of introducing a range of more complex drone services requiring longer-range operations will soon be a reality.

Rules for marking drones in Europe

What can I do if I don’t have a class ID? Grace period until 31 December 2022. In the future, drones will be provided with a so-called class identification label, which certifies what technical conditions the given device meets. Depending on the class identification label (CIL) of the device, it determines in which subcategories the operations within the “open” category can be performed. A drone can have multiple CILs, so they can be used in either two or, in some cases, in all three subcategories.

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