Xpeng wants to mass produce its flying car in 2024

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Xpeng, a Chinese electric vehicle company known as the “Chinese Tesla,” acquired Xpeng AeroHT two years ago. At the time of the merger, Xpeng AeroHT had already advanced significantly in the development of flying cars. In April 2021, the company began testing a two-seat prototype called the X2, which was publicly demonstrated in Dubai in October.

The X2 is the company’s fifth-generation flying car and will be succeeded by a sixth-generation machine that can be used as both a traditional car and an aircraft, with both automatic and manual driving options.

The X2 has arms with propellers that extend from the sides of the vehicle to enable it to take off when switching between car and flying modes. The vehicle’s carbon-fiber structure is lightweight, weighing only 560 kilograms, which helps it lift off, but it is not designed to be driven on roads.

The next generation of flying cars, however, will have proper wheels and will resemble traditional cars more closely. The founder of the company, Csao Tölinek, expects that mass production of these vehicles could begin as early as 2024, and believes that flying cars will soon become a major mode of transportation, revolutionizing the way people travel.

Source: aeroht.com

A few words about Xpeng

  • Strong focus on technology: Xpeng is known for its emphasis on incorporating advanced technologies into its vehicles, such as autonomous driving and internet connectivity. This sets the company apart in the EV market and positions it as a leader in the development of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Positive reviews of vehicles: Xpeng’s vehicles have received positive reviews from customers and industry experts for their design, performance, and features. This indicates that the company is producing high-quality products that meet the needs and preferences of consumers.
  • Rapid growth: Xpeng has experienced rapid growth since its inception and has established itself as a major player in the Chinese EV market. This demonstrates the company’s strong business strategy and market demand for its products.
  • Partnerships and funding: Xpeng has secured funding from major investors, including Alibaba Group Holding, and has partnerships with companies such as Huawei and Nvidia. These partnerships and funding sources demonstrate the company’s potential for continued growth and success.
  • Expanding sales and distribution networks: Xpeng is expanding its sales and distribution networks both within China and internationally, indicating the company’s ambition to continue expanding and reaching new markets.
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