Joint electrification between Renault and Airbus

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Renault Group and Airbus have entered into a partnership to develop technology that will speed up the electrification of both the automotive and aviation industries.

The companies will focus on improving energy storage solutions, specifically batteries, with the goal of optimizing energy management, reducing battery weight, and exploring the potential of solid-state batteries, which may be able to double energy density by 2030.

The partnership will also examine the entire life cycle of new batteries, from production to recycling, in order to understand and minimize their carbon footprint. The ultimate goal of the collaboration is to help Airbus develop electric hybrid aircraft.

High requirements

“For the first time, two European leaders from different industries are sharing their engineering knowledge to shape the future of hybrid electric aircraft. Aviation is a demanding field, both in terms of safety and energy consumption, as is the automotive industry,” said Gilles Le Borgne, Executive Vice President of Development for the Renault Group.

He added that Renault and Airbus engineers are working together on technologies that will enable the hybrid aircraft and cars of the future.

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