German manufacturer takes off with license to produce futuristic air taxis

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The German-based eVTOL manufacturing pioneer, Volocopter, has recently been granted a license to produce and assemble cutting-edge air taxis. Production is set to commence in April, with Italy being the first country to welcome this revolutionary mode of transportation, followed by Paris, Singapore, and the future city of NEOM.

A revolution in urban air transport on the horizon ?

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The air taxi is waiting for passengers on the ground, and if it is finally given permission to take off, it could redefine urban passenger transport in a way that we will no longer recognise. The technology deserves attention: start-ups for ever more efficient vehicles are proliferating, and a new NASA programme has already demonstrated their viability.

Volocopter’s two hundred kilogram capacity transport drone unveiled (full article)

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The electric Volodrone will serve in places where traditional forms of transport are limited, according to the company. In May, Volocopter unveiled its second drone for passenger transport, the Voloconnect, which, unlike the previous Volocity, is not only capable of intra-city trips but also of much longer distances of up to hundreds of kilometres, and the company is also offering air taxi services and freight/cargo transport with the Volodrone eVTOL.