Volocopter’s two hundred kilogram capacity transport drone unveiled (full article)

The electric Volodrone will serve in places where traditional forms of transport are limited, according to the company. In May, Volocopter unveiled its second drone for passenger transport, the Voloconnect, which, unlike the previous Volocity, is not only capable of intra-city trips but also of much longer distances of up to hundreds of kilometres, and the company is also offering air taxi services and freight/cargo transport with the Volodrone eVTOL.

Flying taxi for longer distances

Although we have seen several prototypes of flying taxis over the past 1-2 years, experts have now come up with a model that can travel longer distances. The latest invention from Volocopter can now be used for longer distances. The self-driving vehicle, called Voloconnect, is a fixed-wing flying taxi designed to connect suburbs and city centres.

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