The Dawn of Flying Cars: A Glimpse into the Future of Urban Mobility

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On 26 June, the world witnessed a leap into the future when the Chinese automotive giant, GAC, pulled the curtains off its latest innovation: the GOVE. This isn’t just another electric vehicle; it’s a harmonious blend of drone and car.

German manufacturer takes off with license to produce futuristic air taxis

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The German-based eVTOL manufacturing pioneer, Volocopter, has recently been granted a license to produce and assemble cutting-edge air taxis. Production is set to commence in April, with Italy being the first country to welcome this revolutionary mode of transportation, followed by Paris, Singapore, and the future city of NEOM.

Stellantis joins forces with air taxi developer Archer

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The goal is to have the Midnight, a local take-off and landing vehicle designed for use in urban transportation, ready for production by 2024. Stellantis and Archer Aviation are partnering to bring the Midnight to market and potentially launch the new taxi service in New York in 2025.

Air taxi to the airport in America

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A US airline will transport passengers in flying electric taxis.
United Airlines is planning to buy 200 air taxis, which it hopes will transport passengers to the airport over the next five years. One of the largest US airlines is among the first major carriers to commit to buying air taxis. United Airlines is also investing $1.1 billion as a stake in the Archer air taxi company to develop their fleet.

Cadillac and Fiat Chrysler flying cars at the start line

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Events in the aircraft market have accelerated as General Motors (GM) has unveiled the futuristic aircraft Cadillac that carries its passengers in the air. And Fiat Chrysler has announced that it wants to start series production of flying cars by 2023.