The electric car revolution could continue in the air

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In the wake of the automotive electric revolution, the sky appears to be the next frontier. A segment once earmarked for futuristic sci-fi flicks, air taxis and electric flying cars are rapidly transitioning from fantasy to reality. As metropolises sprawl and urban traffic congestion worsens, the push for novel transit solutions intensifies.

China’s JF-22 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel: The Future of Hypersonic Innovation

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China’s push for hypersonic advancement reaches a new peak with the unveiling of the JF-22, an impressive hypersonic wind tunnel. The mere existence of this colossal structure underscores China’s anticipation of a future dominated by hypersonic devices, poised for both civil and military applications.

Spectacular Flight of Man-Made Saucers: Unveiling New Horizons of Sky-High Commute

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In an event that would befit an opening scene of a science fiction movie, China recently celebrated the successful launch of its first ever flying saucer-shaped craft. However, fans of extraterrestrial phenomenon need not to get too excited – this is no alien technology. As reported by Shenzhen Pages, a local news outlet, the saucer is a brainchild of Shenzhen UFO Flying Saucer Technology, an eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) solution provider.

Boosting Agriculture: A Drone Revolution Awaits in Budapest

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The stage is set in Hungary, as it stands on the brink of an exciting transformation in agriculture, through the advent of drone crop protection. With licensed agents as the only remaining requirement, this shift could usher in a new era of aerial crop protection in the European Union, beginning in Budapest.

The X2 flying car can fly under certain conditions

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The age of the flying car is slowly but surely approaching in China, and a vehicle of this type has already been allowed to operate, albeit under limited conditions. Xpeng AeroHT describes its X2 as the first true flying car, a title that could be claimed by other companies such as the Slovak AirCar and Switchblade, but which was long predated by the Mizar 210 built in 1973. The X2, like its competitors, will be able to operate in hybrid mode: it can travel on roads by rolling on wheels, but can also take to the air if necessary using its retractable propellers.

A Chinese company has shown how their eVTOL can cope with the most critical part of flying

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According to AutoFlight, the manufacturer of Prosperity, the most important and problematic phase of the prospective air taxi’s operation is the switch between the propellers that lift it into the air and those that provide the vehicle with forward propulsion. In the latest test, Prosperity successfully cleared the hurdle.