Ensuring Drone Compliance: Balancing Safety, Privacy, and Innovation

  • Reading Time:2Minutes

Drone manufacturers face the complex challenge of navigating and adhering to an evolving regulatory landscape while meeting the rising commercial and consumer demand for innovative drone technology. Privacy and safety remain key concerns.

Remote refuelling drone

  • Reading Time:3Minutes

The performance and battery life of drones have long been a key limiting factor for their industrial use. The goal, of course, would be to have a small but smart aircraft that can work in the air for as long as possible with a single take-off.

Boosting Agriculture: A Drone Revolution Awaits in Budapest

  • Reading Time:3Minutes

The stage is set in Hungary, as it stands on the brink of an exciting transformation in agriculture, through the advent of drone crop protection. With licensed agents as the only remaining requirement, this shift could usher in a new era of aerial crop protection in the European Union, beginning in Budapest.