Regulation of special operations with drones in Europe

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The EU’s declared aim with the introduction of the new regulation was to create a single market in the drone sector, making it easier to provide services abroad. Article 13 of the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 created the legal possibility for this in principle, the essence of which is that the licence obtained must be notified to the competent foreign authority of the place of the planned operation.

MIT engineers design a hovering saucer moonwalker

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Aeronautical engineers at MIT are testing the concept of a lunar rover that floats on the Moon’s surface by harnessing the electrical charge it generates. In the absence of an atmosphere, the surface of the Moon and similar celestial bodies can build up an electric charge through direct exposure to sunlight. On the Moon, the resulting electric field can be strong enough to lift the fine dust on its surface to heights of more than a metre.

EHang Launches 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center as AAV Operation Spot in Guangzhou

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The 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center launches in Guangzhou as a new operation spot under EHang’s 100 Air Mobility Routes Initiative.
EHang and Guangzhou Development District Communications Investment Group establish a joint venture for local UAM route planning and AAV operations.

Brazilian e-flight manufacturer may go public, surprising analysts

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Eve, the Brazilian company that currently has an order book worth $5 billion, could produce electric planes on several continents. Shares of aircraft manufacturer Embraer rose more than 16 percent to over 23 reals in Brazil and more than 15 percent to over 16 dollars on Wall Street after the company announced that its electric aircraft subsidiary Eve will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Freight transport can be a hydrogen airship

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Not only is the H2 Clipper completely zero emissions, but the cost is a quarter of current air transport costs. And while this is not the end of the benefits, the future of airships is still not assured, mainly because of their history.

Hungarian eVTOL on the horizon

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The electric vehicle, which can take off from the ground, will be developed by Orca and the maintenance processes will be improved in cooperation with AerinX. The Hungarian startup Orca, which has come closer to realising its machine, which only exists on the drawing board so far, by signing a cooperation agreement with AerinX, another Hungarian company focusing on the technological renewal of the aviation industry’s operation and maintenance processes, would revolutionise air rescue. Under this agreement, the two companies plan to jointly investigate and develop high-tech maintenance processes for air taxis.