The Hungarian solar-powered airplane plan has hit the world press

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The Falcon Solar, the brainchild of Lasky Design of Budapest, is still only a concept, but there is still a lot of interest in it. According to 2018 data, aviation contributes around one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every year, which is around 2-2.5 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Hungarian eVTOL on the horizon

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The electric vehicle, which can take off from the ground, will be developed by Orca and the maintenance processes will be improved in cooperation with AerinX. The Hungarian startup Orca, which has come closer to realising its machine, which only exists on the drawing board so far, by signing a cooperation agreement with AerinX, another Hungarian company focusing on the technological renewal of the aviation industry’s operation and maintenance processes, would revolutionise air rescue. Under this agreement, the two companies plan to jointly investigate and develop high-tech maintenance processes for air taxis.

A Hungarian company has developed a drone-mounted transport box

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The possibility of transporting luggage by unmanned aircraft is being used and tested in more and more areas. From healthcare to the military industry, these devices can facilitate many processes, for example by being able to deliver food or medicine to hard-to-reach or disaster-stricken areas.

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