JPMorgan Analyst Recommends Eve Holding as Top Investment in Emerging eVTOL Market

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The electric flying vehicle market is poised to become a lucrative business, with the potential to grow to a thousand billion dollars by 2040, according to Marcello Motta, an analyst at JPMorgan. Motta suggests now is the time to invest in the most promising company in the industry, and he recommends Eve Holding Inc, a Brazilian subsidiary of Embraer, as a prime target for investors.

Brazilian e-flight manufacturer may go public, surprising analysts

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Eve, the Brazilian company that currently has an order book worth $5 billion, could produce electric planes on several continents. Shares of aircraft manufacturer Embraer rose more than 16 percent to over 23 reals in Brazil and more than 15 percent to over 16 dollars on Wall Street after the company announced that its electric aircraft subsidiary Eve will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Embraer is also embarking on the development of zero-emission aircraft

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To achieve the aviation industry’s net carbon neutrality target for 2050, a Brazilian manufacturer has unveiled plans for a new family of aircraft. In the Energy project, Embraer is exploring sustainable concept types capable of carrying up to 50 passengers. The manufacturer has entered into partnerships with an international consortium of universities, aeronautical research institutes and small and medium-sized companies.

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