Two hybrids Cessna

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Two hybrid aircraft factory start-ups that have rejuvenated the same old aircraft. One is American, called Ampaire, which is an acronym that offers electrical attachment in the air. The other is a French company, VoltAero, which developed a hybrid power plant from a Nissan car engine.

Nearly 3,000 of the Cessna 337s were produced, apparently both companies chose this type because it is still possible to obtain copies of it. On the other hand, during the certification, the kite of the aircraft no longer has to be dealt with much, as it has proven itself. What the founders of the two companies also have in common is that they have moved from well-known companies to the start-up world. French leader Voltaero has taken the Airbus E-fan project earlier. The giant company eliminated this, they were forced to undertake. The founders of the California company came from NASA and Northrop Grumman, who also worked on the future of aviation there as a mechanical engineer. The Cessna 337 was originally a 6-person machine with a puller and a propeller. The Americans also kept the shape, mounted an electric motor on the front, and the former remained on the back. Axis were also simply put between the runners.

The French call their demonstrator Cassio, took the propeller out of their noses and put one on the wing with an electric drive, which is perhaps more favorable. At the rear is the traditional engine, here’s a Nissan car engine, where it generates electricity, where it drives the propeller. But there was also an electric motor on the shaft that could be turned on and off. The axles were circled at the bottom of the plane. Californians are better off because a lot of programs fund their development. Incubator program, urban green program, Hawaii airline background supported by NASA. Route flight data is starting to be put together, later with passengers, to see if it is really cheaper, maybe really cheaper by as much hybrid flight as they promise. Americans are showing more spectacular results. Late last year, their Ampaire Electric EEL flew nearly 550 kilometers on a takeoff between Los Angeles and Florida.

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