Turbo-generator hybrid technology for aircraft

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For aircraft, the turbo generator provides on-the-fly charging of the batteries and thus enables much greater distances to be covered. Rolls-Royce’s Hungarian division employs more than 100 engineers and one of the key areas of current development is the development of technology for sustainable aviation, represented by electric, hybrid, hydrogen and SAF fuel technologies.

Hydrogen, hybrid propulsion and biofuels: greening the future of aviation

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When will we be able to board a plane with a clear conscience about the environmental impact of our journey? Aviation is responsible for 2.8% of global carbon emissions. According to the CNN article, many airlines have already vowed to create a future of carbon-neutral aviation, and the first electric planes have already been built, if only in the short term.

Two hybrids Cessna

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Two hybrid aircraft factory start-ups that have rejuvenated the same old aircraft. One is American, called Ampaire, which is an acronym that offers electrical attachment in the air. The other is a French company, VoltAero, which developed a hybrid power plant from a Nissan car engine.