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As with so many other devices and technologies, drones are at the forefront of military developments, followed by many other types of use. Two giant companies, the Israeli Spear UAV and the Indian-owned Paras Aerospace, signed a cooperation agreement in early February to introduce such a microdron system, which can be used mainly in the field of defense. The contract aims to serve the needs of India’s defense and paramilitary forces, homeland security and law enforcement agencies by adapting the new and unique system called Ninox 40, introduced in August 2020.

The Indian defense sector faces a number of challenges. These include the observation of long-standing international borders, including jungles and wooded areas, or the fight against extreme natural forces such as monsoon storms, cyclones and earthquakes. These challenges put pressure on special forces, the army, the navy, the various internal security departments, and national disaster response teams to procure the latest support technologies possible. The current agreement is to strengthen professionals in the field with operational intelligence and surveillance capabilities that can be used to make their mission, life-saving, more effective, said Yishai Amir, CEO of Spear UAV. Designed to be introduced in India, the Ninox 40 is a microtactic, cost-effective drone system specifically designed for single-user operation that includes a capsule-like drone and a control unit. It weighs less than 250 g, which is both advantageous from a regulatory point of view and light enough to be incorporated into a vest and thus worn.

The microdron system has a flight capacity of up to 40 minutes and capabilities such as day and night cameras, automatic tracking, versatile launchability even in very harsh environments: drones from hand or grenade launcher, stationary or mobile land platform, air or sea system they can put them on their way. The Ninox product family includes several capsule drones, there are currently three solutions: Ninox 40, Ninox 66 and Ninox 103. Compared to the smallest 40 shown above, the Ninox 66 and 103 are also versatile but already payload. system with 50 and 60 minutes of flight time, respectively. All three systems have been developed to meet the immediate intelligence needs of military forces, and if they proliferate, they will surely revolutionize the capabilities and limits of special operational capabilities.

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