Rolls-Royce’s first hydrogen-powered aircraft engine launched

Several months ago, Rolls-Royce and easyJet announced their partnership on the H2ZERO project, which aims to create a hydrogen-based propulsion system for aircraft. The goal of this project is to develop environmentally friendly, zero-emission transportation options in the aviation industry.

French startup to launch hydrogen-powered flying race car

The French company Maca Flight promises series production of the aircraft with artificial intelligence by 2023. All the signs are that we are getting closer and closer to the age of flying cars, with one company after another emerging to bring this characteristic element of science fiction closer to reality.

Hydrogen-powered aircraft being considered for introduction in New Zealand

Airbus and Air New Zealand have signed an agreement to jointly explore ways to bring hydrogen-powered aircraft to New Zealand. According to a statement from the airline, the two parties are the first in the Asia-Pacific region to begin such research.

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