DARPA spends $15 million to arm the ekranoplanes

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The research arm of the US Department of Defense promises the first prototype by 2027. Most pilots are aware of the phenomenon that when they fly their aircraft close to the ground, they can glide much further than usual. This is because the proximity to the ground breaks the turbulence created by the wings in such a way that it results in reduced friction.

Mysterious flying vehicles chased the destroyers of the USA

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The special series of events began in July 2019 around the Channel Islands in California. Mysterious drone swarms appeared around several U.S. military ships for several days at a time, followed by the highest degree of investigation. Exactly what happened on these July nights was tried to be tracked down by The War Zone and their own investigation into data requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (mainly logbooks) and the information in the area during that period.

The Gremlins of the USA

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Huge American aircraft carriers could be attractive targets for future wars. With today’s tools, they’re easy to detect, and it’s enough for a single enemy missile to get through their defenses. In comparison, they are terribly expensive, and both China and Russia already have maneuvering ballistic missiles that are nicknamed “carrier killers”. So I needed a new plan, an appropriate answer.