Here is Transition, the first flying car arrives in the USA in 2020

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The two-seater vehicle is equipped with a hybrid-electric engine and can be booked as early as next month.

It will have a range of 640 kilometers at a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour. It is Transition, the first flying car, available in the US from 2020: customers will be able to book the first vehicles produced by the company Terrafugia, which belongs to the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo, as early as next month.

The two-seater car will be equipped with two retractable wings that unfold will transform it from four wheels into an airplane. The price of the flying car has not yet been formalized, equipped not only with a hybrid-electric engine, high-tech seats, seat belts and upgraded airbags, but also with rear-view cameras and a new on-board parachute system. . According to Terrafugia, the vehicle will be able to land both in small airports and directly on private properties.

Transition will be able to switch from driving to flight mode in less than a minute, can only be driven by those with a pilot license and will reach a maximum altitude of 3,000 meters. But it doesn’t stop there. The Terrafugia company is already planning to launch a second flying car called TF-X, capable of seating four people and controlled by an onboard computer so that passengers can type in a destination before taking off: TF-X will not require an airport for take-off and landing – reads a statement from the company -. You can drive on all roads and highways, providing the convenience of a true door-to-door transport system.

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