Hexa aircraft

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A Texas company wants to offer single-person, rental electric planes for recreational purposes in major U.S. cities later this year. The vehicles are designed to be controlled with a joystick, so no pilot’s license is required.

The drones have also started a real revolution in human flight, as we have since become familiar with concepts such as air taxis or joystick-controlled, multi-rotor single-person aircraft. They all evolved from unmanned aerial drones, only much larger than them and also providing seating for passengers in them.


This is because the machine is light enough for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to classify them as an “ultralight” vehicle. However, ultralight vehicles do not require a permit.

The LIFT 18-rotor Hexa aircraft weighs approximately 200 kg, including the accessories used to IN AN EMERGENCY, THE VEHICLE CAN BE TURNED INTO A WATER BOB OR A PARALLEL. According to LIFT, the FAA has given the green light to categorizing vehicles named Hexa into ultralight categories.

The future may come in which anyone can fly, commented Matt Chasen, founder of LIFT, on the announcement.

THERE IS, WE ARE AT THE TOP OF THE AVIATION REVOLUTION NOW, MAINLY DUE TO THE ELECTRICALIZATION OF AIRCRAFT. Like electric cars, the future of aviation will be electric aircraft.

Chasen plans to allow vehicles to be rented near major U.S. cities later this year. Customers will first learn how to operate the aircraft in a simulator before boarding the Hexa and then fly for up to 15 minutes. This is the maximum time that the batteries can safely supply the vehicle with sufficient power.

The aircraft can accelerate to speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour, which is the maximum speed allowed for ultralight aircraft under FAA regulations.

An on-board computer system, similar to the “geofencing” technology used in aerial drones, prevents the aircraft from flying outside a restricted area outside the open ground or water and also allows the vehicle to be remotely controlled from the ground. Therefore, if necessary, engineers are able to take control of the vehicle from the ground.The FAA prohibits ultralight aircraft from flying over populated areas and can only be used for sports or recreational purposes, meaning they are not suitable for traffic between two points, for example.

What is geofencing technology?

Geofencing technology draws a virtual boundary on the map that a device using the technology cannot cross. A vehicle with satellite tracking detects and avoids zone boundaries so that vehicles can only fly into the specified area. Geofencing is also called a virtual fence, as it can be used to draw virtual boundaries in the real world.

Depending on who believes in what time frame, in 10-20 years we will all be using things like this-said Colin Guinn, an expert in drone technology.

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