China’s JF-22 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel: The Future of Hypersonic Innovation

  • Reading Time:4Minutes

China’s push for hypersonic advancement reaches a new peak with the unveiling of the JF-22, an impressive hypersonic wind tunnel. The mere existence of this colossal structure underscores China’s anticipation of a future dominated by hypersonic devices, poised for both civil and military applications.

A New Dawn for Drone Technology: The Hypersonic Revolution

  • Reading Time:3Minutes

High-speed drone technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and with it, Velontra, a cutting-edge US start-up, is propelling the industry into a new era of hyper-efficiency. At the heart of this revolution lies their groundbreaking development: a compact, hypersonic torpedo jet engine. Boasting a streamlined design and impressive specifications, this engine promises to redefine aerial travel, reaching blistering speeds exceeding 5,000 km/h.