Boeing’s Historic First: Astronauts Travel to the ISS

Boeing Starliner Launches Manned Test Flight To International Space Station
  • Reading Time:4Minutes

Traveling in a Boeing aircraft is routine on Earth, but the recent journey of two astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) marks a historic first for the American aerospace giant.

The Morphobot: An Innovation in Multimodal Robotics

  • Reading Time:2Minutes

In a breakthrough moment in robotics research, a U.S.-based team of scientists have revealed an innovative ‘Transformers-esque’ robot, a technology whose versatility of movement pushes the limits of current automated innovation. The device, aptly named the ‘Morphobot’, exhibits the ability to alter its form and functionality within moments, transitioning smoothly from a wheel-based vehicle to an airborne drone.

Zeus: Russia’s Nuclear-Powered Space Tug Takes a Giant Leap Forward

  • Reading Time:3Minutes

The colossal nuclear-powered Russian space tug, Zeus, has taken a significant step towards becoming a reality. With its potential to fulfill diverse roles, including military applications, the Zeus project has garnered considerable attention. According to the Eurasian Times and the Russian state news agency TASZSZ, the long-awaited Zeus space tug is set to be deployed as a space launch vehicle. But what exactly is Zeus, and what are its potential uses ?