In Seoul, it will also be possible to charge drones from smart poles

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The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has so far placed the undoubtedly unique smart poles in a total of six districts: which function it was given was decided by the needs of the current district. At the same time, the South Korean capital would not stop there, testing devices capable of charging drones, electric cars, and detecting parking violations, among other things.

This is because management would use drones to continuously monitor potential natural disasters as well as emergency rescues. The autonomous vehicles would be connected to the upper part of the column, where they would then, on the one hand, recharge themselves and, on the other hand, provide data to the city administration during this time. According to Cities Today, the project is currently in the planning phase and the smart solution is aimed at reducing costs on the one hand and preventing disasters on the other.

Lee Won-Mok, SMG’s director general for smart urban policy, also told Cities Today that smart poles help unify and “smarten” complex road endowments while retaining basic functions. This would mean both greater public safety and comfort in the lives of the population. They also function as a charging station for drones and electric vehicles, bringing them one step closer to becoming a smart city.

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