Turbo-generator hybrid technology for aircraft

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For aircraft, the turbo generator provides on-the-fly charging of the batteries and thus enables much greater distances to be covered. Rolls-Royce’s Hungarian division employs more than 100 engineers and one of the key areas of current development is the development of technology for sustainable aviation, represented by electric, hybrid, hydrogen and SAF fuel technologies. In the latest project, the team is working on a unique solution: a turbo-generator hybrid propulsion system that will give commuter electric aircraft a much longer range than ever before, allowing them to fly longer distances in a single trip.

The turbo-generator helps to provide power on the fly: the aircraft relies on the power provided by the batteries when taking off, and the gas turbine-powered generator produces electricity during the flight to ensure proper propulsion and recharging of the batteries. György Balázs Gergely, CEO of Rolls-Royce Hungary, said Hungarian engineers are responsible for developing the electric generator and linking the inverter and generator systems, and the technology’s biggest advantage is that it can be operated using both hydrogen and sustainable fuel.

Source: rolls-royce.com

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