Rolls-Royce Hungary develops power system for hybrid-electric aircraft

Rolls-Royce’s Hungarian team is also involved in the development of the company’s turbo-generator technology, which consists of a new generation of small gas turbine, electric generator and energy conversion unit, mainly for hybrid-electric propulsion systems for aircraft.

Hungarian engineers develop unique parallel hybrid-electric aircraft propulsion system

Rolls-Royce’s team in Hungary, Italian aircraft manufacturer Tecnam and Austrian engine manufacturer Rotax have made significant progress in revolutionising aviation and making it more sustainable. Following several successful ground tests, a unique hybrid-powered experimental aircraft took to the skies for the first time on 21 December 2021, the first in the world to be powered by an integrated parallel hybrid propulsion system.

Óbuda University in Hungary and Magnus Aircraft jointly develop electric aircraft

In line with market needs, Óbuda University and MAGNUS Aircraft Zrt. have agreed on an innovative cooperation for the development of electric-powered aircraft suitable for touring – the university told MTI on Tuesday.

The electric motor of the Rolls-Royce flying car is also being developed in Hungary

It is the aviation division of a British company that supplies electric aircraft engines for small aircraft taking off and landing. Although Rolls-Royce is very well known as the most famous luxury car brand, at least as important a division of the group is the aircraft engine and military machinery manufacturing unit.

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