The electric motor of the Rolls-Royce flying car is also being developed in Hungary

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It is the aviation division of a British company that supplies electric aircraft engines for small aircraft taking off and landing. Although Rolls-Royce is very well known as the most famous luxury car brand, at least as important a division of the group is the aircraft engine and military machinery manufacturing unit. Rolls-Royce Electrical is now working with Vertical Aerospace, also a UK company, to launch the first small passenger eVTOL – Vertical Take-Off and Landing – a vehicle. The name ‘flying car’ is therefore not precise, but, as a general rule, it has become established for similar structures.

The all-electric VA-4X will be powered by 8 propellers. It is planned that the machine should be completed later this year and series production would start from 2024. The VA-4X can transport four people simultaneously at a maximum speed of 200 km / h over a distance of roughly 200 kilometers. The machine will be powered by Rolls-Royce engines with a lifting and thrust of 100 kW. The project employs 150 engineers at companies in Germany, the United Kingdom and, as Autoevolution writes, in Hungary. Rolls-Royce employs nearly a hundred engineers in Hungary specifically to develop such hybrid-electric drive and energy conversion systems.

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