The Switchblade Flying Car: A Milestone in Personal Air Travel Featured in Pioneering Publication

Sam Bousfield, developer of the Switchblade Flying Sports Car and CEO of Samson Sky, and futurist Chuck Martin and the book "Flying Vehicles"
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In a significant nod to the future of transportation, the Switchblade Flying Sports Car has been prominently featured in the groundbreaking book Flying Vehicles – The Emergence of Personal Air Travel, Flying Cars, and Air Taxis, penned by the acclaimed futurist and NY Times Business Bestselling Author, Chuck Martin.

Samson Sky Receives Another Patent for Switchblade Flying Sports Car

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Samson Sky has recently achieved a significant milestone by obtaining their seventh patent, this time from the United Kingdom, for their innovative Switchblade Flying Sports Car. This patent particularly recognizes the unique wing-swing design integral to the vehicle.