The flying car is close

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Developing a flying car cannot be easy at all. We can only think of this from the fact that the sky above us is not full of such things yet. And from the fact that the Dutch Pal V started in 2004, the project was quite advanced in 2012, and orders had already been placed on it for a year. Now they’re here again and they say it’s really an arm’s length to fly.

A series-ready version of their Liberty model will be taken to the Geneva Motor Show in March, and after the premiere, the licensing process will be unveiled, which will eventually be available on the road and in the air.

According to information to date, the Pal V Liberty is powered by a 100-horsepower internal combustion engine capable of reaching top speeds of around 160 km / h on asphalt and 190 km / h in the air. As a car, we can expect an average consumption of 7.5 liters per hundred kilometers, which means a range of 460 kilometers. In airplane mode, it burns 26 liters of fuel per hour and can cover nearly 500 kilometers with one person. It’s two-seater anyway, but if two people actually travel in it, its range is reduced.

Earlier, although the first customers were promised to take over their flying car this year, there is still some slippage compared to plans. In any case, safety approvals and all kinds of permits will be arranged immediately after the Geneva showroom so that series production can begin in the second half of the year. Distribution can be expected by 2019. Nearly $ 150 million will be requested for the Pioneer Edition, which is limited to ninety copies, while the basic Sport edition will cost hundreds of millions.

In addition to the Dutch, of course, others had a similar idea in their minds. There is, for example, Terrafugia and the Slovak Aeromobil. We also saw the latter up close at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

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