Discount for electric planes

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The first electric-powered commercial passenger models will be able to land for free for a full year at the UK’s largest airport. Industry experts expect the first copies to be available after 2030. John Holland-Kaye, CEO of Heathrow Airport, spoke about the special procedure at a BusinessGreen Leaders Summit in London as part of a series of events called ‘Green Great Britain Week’.

According to the CEO, their goal is to encourage airlines to launch zero-emission flights as soon as possible and thereby make aviation sustainable. The announced announcement could be no small incentive for airlines, as landing fees at the airport in a single year can cost up to $ 1 million for an A320, three flights a day. There are currently more than 100 projects underway around the world to develop electric passenger aircraft around the world, including those targeting both smaller and larger categories.

Most of the money is perhaps behind the project of the European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, and they also regularly publish fantasy and concept drawings of the conventional fuel-free machines they are designing. Major players in the industry currently anticipate that major aviation hubs such as Heathrow may have the first flights with such aircraft after 2030. In addition to its current initiative, London Airport is doing a great deal to reduce emissions of environmentally harmful substances, as evidenced by the fact that, since April 2017, the energy needs of terminals have been met exclusively from renewable energy sources.

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