Air Race E and World Championship Air Race

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The Air Race E-ARE is a race of electric powered aircraft, side by side on an oval circuit. Inspired by the Formula 1 car race, such races have been held for over seventy years on conventional-powered racing cars. In Air Race E, only electric racing aircraft can fly. There are teams like in both branches of Formula 1 racing, as there is already E. The teams are building racing machines that can fly at 450 km / h. Max 8 aircraft bypass 10-meter-high columns on a 1.5-kilometer oval runway. I almost scrub the concrete or grass when they fly. This is what it all looks like in a simulation.

Recent news that the race classes have been expanded. The race series is an experimental workshop in the industry, as in the case of cars, so they have expanded the circle. The previous formation has been called the Open class, where regulations regulate the possibilities of building racing machines. The new is the Performance class, where any electric powertrain can be built into a traditional rigid wing racing machine form. 150 Kw / h is the maximum power. The planes taking off from the place are stored in the world, so I want to include them in the competition as well. They will be in the eVTOL class, rules later.

The competition was founded by Airbus and Ansys, a global simulation software company, and are now the main sponsors. These types of races can always be held under the auspices of a world federation, and this is the Formula Air Racing Association. The World Championship Air Race – WCAR – may be familiar to us because it used to run under the name Red Bull. It doesn’t seem like a legal successor, but the actors are declared the same and perhaps the rules haven’t changed either. There remains a high-speed aerobatic competition that bypasses or passes through gates, and when returning to the runway, the aircraft must also present an aerobatic element.

A few days ago, the organizers agreed with the World Federation of Air Sports, which gave them an exclusive right to this type of competition around the world. They are also planning to expand competition with electric and hybrid propulsion, eVTOL machines, at the declaration level for the time being. The big question is, is this the third time you are waking up to this type of air competition? Will the crew, teams with old-new sponsors and host cities be able to restart the competition next year. The previous formation already took a break during Red Bull, 2011-14. And after his return, it was only worth four full seasons, and then in 2019, the season was interrupted in Japan.

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